Why am i losing viewers on Youtube and How Can I Fix This?

Joseph Gonzales asked 4 months ago
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adamdecker answered 4 months ago

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priyasankar answered 4 months ago

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Dean answered 3 months ago

Let’s look at what caused your views to go down in the first place.
Cause #1: The YouTube algorithm
This is the most common reason behind a low view counts and, if you’ve been affected by YouTube’s changing algorithm, you’re not alone. Many YouTubers, including famous ones, have complained that they don’t get so many views, and that’s because YouTube doesn’t recommend videos that aren’t trending anymore.
Cause #2: Viewer behavior
Another reason why your views are down maybe because user behavior has changed a lot since the old days of YouTube when people subscribed to all their favorite content creators. Now, many users rely on the Trending and Recommended feed to watch views, so if your video doesn’t already have 250k YouTube views or more to show up there, it’s unlikely that people will see it.
Cause #3: Subscribers lost interest
Lastly, you may be getting fewer views because subscribers lost interest in your channel and don’t watch your videos as often anymore. Or, they click on a video and watch it for less than 10 seconds, in which case YouTube doesn’t count that as a view.
So, how can you address these three causes and get your views back up?

  1. Focus on your content and create quality content to the audience. Content is king. The more value you’ll add to the content, the more subscribers you’ll get.
  2. Create an attractive thumbnail because it forces the viewers to watch videos and viewers can be converted into subscribers if you are providing top-notch content.
  3. Use the hashtags in your post. Add at least 10 hashtags in your post. Don’t add spammy hashtags like #followeme or #likemypost.
  4. Improve your Youtube SEO by Adding Appropriate descriptions, titles, and tags. It not only rank your videos but also useful in increasing viewers and subscribers. There are many tools that will help in youtube SEO like google keyword planner and tube buddy.
  5. Chances of increasing viewers increase by using the different platforms of promotion. For example, promotion on social media platforms is a perfect channel to increase viewers and subscribers. Join different groups and communities to promote your content. You can also use Paid Ads.
  6. Offer a giveaway contest and ask the audience to perform the different actions like ask them to like the video or to subscribe to the channel.
  7. The best strategy to save time is to buy Youtube viewers and subscribers. I usually buy viewers from instantviews.co so I’ll also recommend you to buy from them. I have great experience with them. They provide quality service with excellent customer service.
Amit Miglani answered 2 months ago

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