What type of clothing material is better for a person with high blood pressure?

Jack Nilles asked 2 weeks ago

After having medical test came to know that I have high blood pressure problem. After knowing this I want to know what type of clothing material will be better for me.  

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Linen Club answered 2 weeks ago

Linen is the most comfortable of all the fabrics. It is breathable, light in weight, good moisture-absorbent, and thermoregulating making it better for a person with high blood pressure. The texture of the fabric is extremely soft, hence it also keeps your skin protected from any kind of rashes or allergies. The lose-fit of the fabric makes it very easy and breezy to style and works well for people of all ages. Recommend to visit LinenClub.com that produces natural antibacterial fabric which is best comfortable quality fabrics for sensitive skin.

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