What is the role of Python in data science?

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Python is a major part of the ExcelR Data Science Training in Pune and data science institutes follow and teach Python as a major topic. Python is basically a programming language, which allows its users to work and program more efficiently and effortlessly. Python is very simple to understand and learn and is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and has replaced many programming languages in the industry.
There are a lot of reasons why Python is widespread among developers, Data Scientists and one of them is that it has an incredibly enormous assembly of libraries that operators can work with.
Here are a few significant causes as to why Python is common:
• Python has a huge collection of libraries.
• Python is known as the beginner’s level programming language because of it uncomplicatedness.
• Movability is another reason for the huge popularity of Python.
• Python’s programming syntax is simple to learn and is of high level compared to C, Java, and C++.
If you are presently occupied with a machine learning project in Python, then you may have caught a popular open-source library known as TensorFlow.

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