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Mohammad Umer Iftikhar the face behind UiTechBlog, Mohammad Umer Iftikhar is the founder of UiTechBlog, a blog which is the largest resources for Website tutorial, Blogging Tips, WordPress and Blogger Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, and all other tech related geeks.
Earlier Life (Academic Education):
Mohammad Umer Iftikhar was born in 27th June 1990 in Karachi, Pakistan. Earlier studied Hifz-ul-Quran in his district and passed his matriculation on 2008 and Graduated from University of Karachi in Commerce in the year 2012.
Information Technology:
Mohammad Umer Iftikhar took a deep interest in I.T in the middle of 2009 and was inspired by one SMS blog of his best I.T friend who created a best rate vpn master. He never had an internet connection before 2009 but when he started using Internet the first site inspired, took him to the world of I.T. He explored and searched many things on internet and learned so many things online like HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Blogger, Web Hosting Managing, etc.
Career in Web Designing:
Mohammad Umer Iftikhar learned HTML, CSS, Javascript over internet and started designing websites early in 2010. Till now he has designed and dealt with Corporate clients of USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Pak Government Websites, Newspaper Agency Site, Shipping and Agency site, Online Shopping Stores,  Embassy Website, Import and Export Company, etc.
Currently on Focused:
Currently studying B.S in Software Engineering and ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) from well know institute for Computer Education. After Web Designing, he wants to learn Web Development which he is already learning.
Founded Websites:
As inspired from a SMS blog, founded SMSLOVED.COM and as a deep interest in Information Technology, founded UiTechBlog to provide free Tutorials on everything what he has learned so far.
Idea for UiTechBlog:
The idea behind UiTechBlog is to help newbie to learn what is necessary to know. For example a web designer can learn so many tricks for Web designing on UiTechBlog and a programmer can learn interesting things, technology interested people can find informative stuff and geeks for information technology.
Mohammad Umer Iftikhar Own Words:
I used to face so many problems while creating, designing and finding good stuff online. I even had been deceived so many times that is why I think UiTechBlog is one of the blog online that will help newbie to find all solutions for their problem they ever may face online. It is the biggest project in my left what I want to make the Best Forever.

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