How to grow your Youtube Channel?

Roberta asked 5 months ago

I have not seen any improvement in my channel since I have created my channel on youtube. I want to grow my channel and make it successful as soon as possible. So, kindly share your experience or ideas.

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Nancy PWilliams answered 5 months ago

To grow your YouTube channel, it is necessary to have thousands of subscribers and viewers. With little effort, you can increase your subscribers. Follow these tips to increase your subscribers and viewers.

    1. Add appropriate video title, description, and tags. These all are part of Youtube SEO. Youtube SEO helps in ranking your video high and make your channel successfully by increasing viewers and subscribers. You can use Tubebuddy chrome extension to handle Youtube SEO activities easily.
    2. Create engaging and informative content. The best video on YouTube are regularly under 5 minutes in length, so don’t feel you need to make a film or compose a novel. Keep it short but engaging.Follow the trending topic and make videos on them.
    3. So your substance is extraordinary but you need to look professional. Branding your channel will also help users immediately recognize your content.
    4. Learn from your competitors. Improve your mistakes and always try to deliver better.
    5. Collaborate with Youtube Influencer.
    6. Custom thumbnail helps in increasing your viewers and subscribers which make your channel successful. It forces the viewers to click in your videos. Use Canva for creating Custom Thumbnails.
    7. Buy Real Youtube subscribers. When it comes to increasing real YouTube subscribers. They provide quality service with excellent customer support. Besides that, they give money back protection. So, i’ll recommend buying YouTube subscriber from them.
    8. Promoting your YouTube videos on your other social channels(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) is the easiest way to grow your audience. Join different groups and communities to share your content. You can always do a teaser for the full-length video on YouTube so that you have optimum engagement on all channels.
    9. Embed your video on Q&A Sites.
    10. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel in each video that you upload, and keep engaged with your existing subscribed users.
    11. Outreach to different bloggers and ask them to include your videos in their relevant post.
    12. Use paid Campaigns like (Facebook paid ads, Instagram Paid ads and Google Adwords).
    13. Offer giveaway contest. Ask the viewers to subscribe, comment or like the video to become the part of the contest
Jeanne Burroughs answered 5 months ago

What is a good YouTube channel?
Many users do not want to read the text. The video format is much easier to read. I clicked on the red triangle and look at the screen. You get the same amount of information, only faster and easier. Very often a person is already in a search query looking for a video on a topic of interest to him. And, of course, gets on Youtube.
If you do not want this part of users to fall off from the total traffic that you receive from the Internet, you need to promote and promote the video blog. Promotion on Youtube is built on the classic techniques of SMM marketing. We will tell you more about them.
Content is everything.
Quality blog content is the foundation of SMM. Content must be:
 The information field does not change every day, but several times a day. If you are not ready to periodically publish new entries, but are going to do it once in a while – you can forget about the popularity of the video blog. How often do you need to upload new videos? Depends on your technical capabilities. Experienced vlogers are advised to do this two to three times a week. In fact, this is a lot. Also you should’t forget that it’s should be informative and useful if you choose such a complicated topic as  effective academic writing then you should be ready that you will need a lot of time for searching qualitative content. Therefore, for a start, a quite acceptable figure is 1 video per week;
 How to evaluate the benefits that a person will receive from watching a video? Yes, it is very simple: from it he must receive answers to specific questions. Therefore, first decide what target audience you are counting on. If you have an online store, publish reviews of the catalog’s new products, information on discounts and promotions, manufacturers’ news, and comparisons of products of different brands. Engaged in marketing and promotion – upload video cases and interviews of successful businessmen, video tutorials, reveal chips and secrets in video;
High quality
Shooting videos on the phone is bad form. Only a professional camera, qualified shooting and editing. Up to 50% of users will close the video in a few seconds, having seen an image with a littered horizon, made on a webcam. Just say – a good video needs money. The price range is large – from 3-5 thousand rubles for students to infinity at professional agencies. Therefore, immediately lay these expenses in the advertising budget;
Interesting and original
Shooting standard videos on hackneyed topics is an idea. Choose topics for which there is still little information, and enough search queries to drive traffic. If there are no such topics, present the topic so that the viewer is interested in watching.

prayaag answered 4 months ago

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