How to Get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos?

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Larry Johnson answered 1 month ago

I have mentioned have shortlisted below Tips and Tricks to Get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos, please read through and try to implement it and assure that it will drive the traffic to your YouTube channel as you every desired,
Choose the right Niche for your YouTube Channel
The niche you will be targeting is the foundation of your YouTube channel. To offer the correct and relevant content to your audience, its essential to know your target audience first. Each video you upload needs to have an intent and a purpose. Make sure you are creating content on trending topics. if you are confused about how to choose a topic then you can use Google Trends to know the popularity of various topics among people and choose the popular and profitable Niche.
Generate keyword ideas for your Videos
Next, it is crucial to optimize your YouTube videos around correct Keywords as they enhance the chances of you receiving more views and subscribers to your YouTube Videos. You can use keyword tools like and ahrefs keywords to know what people are searching in relation to your topics.
Optimize the Metadata of your YouTube video
YouTube Metadata comprises of the title, description and tags of your YouTube videos. Optimized metadata increases the chances of your YouTube videos ranking high up in both YouTube and Google, which is important to attract more traffic to your YouTube Videos.
Use Attractive Thumbnail for your YouTube Video
The thumbnail is an important aspect that you should consider if you want to increase traffic to your YouTube Videos. It is the first thing that people notice about your video, and more often than not, an appealing thumbnail drives people to your channel. But, your thumbnail should be related to the topic; or else, it will hamper the credibility of your channel. You can use Canva for creating professional and eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos.
Opt for a Attractive Banner for Your YouTube Channel
Just like the thumbnails, the banner also plays a vital role in boosting traffic to your YouTube videos. It’s the first thing that viewers see when they visit your YouTube channel’s homepage. A neat custom banner image not only provides a satisfying experience to the viewers but also compliments the content. try using tools like bannersnack, fotor or snappa to make amazing custom background wallpapers that bring life to your channel.
Keep the length of your YouTube videos short
Generally, viewers tend to lose interest if a video is extremely lengthy. Hence, try to make your YouTube videos as short as possible. a recent survey suggests that videos having less than 2 mins duration are excellent performers. However, if you want, then you can experiment with relatively longer YouTube  videos once in a blue moon.
Create 360-Degree YouTube videos will improve your viewership
If you have not tried 360-degree videos yet, it is the perfect time to create one. The engagement and Return on Investment (ROI) for a 360-degree video is far better than its regular counterparts. Most importantly, it offers your channel a uniqueness that will eventually drive more traffic to your videos. 
Create Playlists
If you are creating content in different genres, it is advised to create separate playlists for each of them. It will help you to not only categorize your videos but also help the viewers navigate through your channel. An organized playlist also appeals to the desire of your viewers to binge-watch your videos.
Upload Quality Content Videos at Regular Intervals
To drive more traffic, it is highly advised to upload content at regular intervals. You can follow a particular schedule to upload your YouTube videos, which will attract viewers back to your YouTube channel to watch more.Your content plays the most important role in the entire YouTube SEO process. Therefore, try to research as much as possible and bring something different to the table to enjoy long term success. This will surely help you to drive more traffic to your YouTube Videos

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