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How I can find friends? I want to hear your opinion about friendship!

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innasteel answered 8 months ago

Friendship- This is one relationship that a human develop or gets without making much efforts on his/her side. Friendship develops naturally. The relationship does not involve any sort of physical attraction, expectation or social strings in it. How many times have you felt relaxed and nice, talking to someone with whom you are not connected in any way? It happens with most of us and almost, very often. This sort of an emotional dependency without many expectations in return is a stage where friendship develops.
Friendship is one of the most important relationships for most people across the globe. In fact, most people cannot imagine life without friendship.
The relationship of friendship is most valued because this is a relationship that does not give importance to the barrier of caste, creed, religion or status. Friendship is an in-depth relationship that combines trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding empathy and intimacy.
The best part of friendship is being able to trust and relax with your friend. One requires a friend to face the world, cry on the shoulder and share your happiest moments with. Most importantly, you can be yourself with your best friend.
Let us throw light on some of the crucial aspects of this relationship:

  • Building friendship: In case you are looking for a friend in your life, the key is to be patient. You need to understand that building friendship takes time. Talking and listening builds friendships. Always remember that friendships require equality and loyalty from friends. The best way is to share a few private thoughts or feeling with the person you might want for a close friend. There may be moments where you may find that another person is not responding to your overtures. However, don’t take this as a rejection. This non-responsiveness may be for some of their personal reasons.
  • Maintenance: Once you are successful in building a relationship as a friend, you must remember that maintaining this relationship is crucial. The maintenance can be anything from talking to your friend over the telephone to sending frequent mails and keeping in touch through brief messages left on answering machines.
  • Realize the truth: You must realize the truth that friendships do end. Friendship may not last. The relationship can end and end abruptly with unresolved conflict. The worst enemy of friendships another person that enters in to the relationships. Try making the relationship a better one to be in or it is better to break it right away.
  • Setting lights: This is extremely important because there must be some limits in your friendship. Many people find themselves trapped in to other’s problems, then feel confused about how and when to help. All you have to do is to determine how much is enough and how much is too much. This would not only set the exact limit but make your friendship worth being in. Make sure that you express these limits clearly.
  • Manipulation: This is one thing that would harm your relationship with a friend. Make sure there is 100 percent sincerity and no manipulation in your relationship.

Above all, you must remember that friendship is based on trust, sincerity, honesty, sharing and expressing your true feelings. Hence, try maintaining these elements in your relationship and see it flourishing day by day.

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