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Justin More asked 5 months ago

For ensuring my eye health. how often should I schedule an eye examination?

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Phil Andy answered 5 months ago

It is advised to schedule your eye examinations at regular intervals. For a person with a healthy vision, it is advised to have their eyes examined once every two years. If you wear glasses or contacts, you should have your eyes checked every year. After noticing sudden changes in your vision or symptoms that could indicate an eye disease or infection, you should have an appointment with a good eye doctor. https://visionassociates.net

Friend answered 5 months ago

As a general rule, you should have a comprehensive eye test each a couple of years, however, that may rely upon your age, risk factors, and if you are already wearing corrective lenses. An eye test can help analyze and treat medical conditions in the beginning times. There are likewise sure eye issues that are much of the time related to age or wellbeing conditions.

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